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Sherry L. Davis, M.A.

Scholar-Practitioner, Music Preservationist

Sherry leverages a lifelong passion for the musical past and a vitae of interdisciplinary education and experience to inform her work as a music preservationist.

She enjoys operating in the field as a scholar-practitioner where her work has a direct impact on the relationship between music history and heritage and the general public.

Through writing and research, film, music landmark initiatives, exhibits, events, concerts and more, she creates accessibility, excitement and relevance in order to reach broader audiences and encourage their commitment as patrons, investors and volunteers.  

Full of innovative and exciting ways to deliver music history to audiences, Sherry’s efforts have been recognized and consulted by educators, professionals and enthusiasts at home in the U.S. and abroad.

Photo: Sherry has traveled to Prague on multiple occasions to study W.A. Mozart’s biography in the city. She attended the Mozart Society of America’s first international conference there and joined their campaign to save the Villa Bertramka and secure its designation as a National Cultural Landmark. 

“It’s fantastic to see that Sherry’s dedication to preserving such important musical heritage, encompassing places linked to rock and roll legends such as the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly, has been featured in Vintage Rock magazine and will receive wider recognition.


Since her dissertation at Westminster, Sherry has pioneered research in this field and strived to engage the public with these great stories of music history.”


-David Brooks, Alumni Relations Officer

University of Westminster, London

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Ohio University
B.A. Psychology & Music Minor
University of Westminster
M.A. Media, Arts & Design
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