For many years I have known Sherry Davis and of her extraordinary passion for the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In particular, she has been a significant partner in advocating for the preservation and restoration of Villa Bertramka in Prague, which has recently been designated a National Cultural Monument by the Czech Ministry of Culture. Sherry’s worldwide promotion of Mozart’s music, his history, new scholarship and contemporary performances and events is unparalleled. Through her talent and her website, Sherry has become a unique and treasured ambassador of Mozart’s legacy.

Sherry has booked our film (In Search of Mozart) into over a hundred venues. She has worked with the press (print, radio, television, internet), the filmmaker and our offices coordinating bookings of our film. While I think Sherry would be outstanding in ANY field she chose to apply herself, she loves music and I believe she will be a fine asset to any organization that she works for.

My twin sister Sherry has a rare passion and tenacity that refuses to let our music history fade away. Her consciousness of its importance along with her unique ability to connect and excite audiences through a genuine love and caring for enriching their lives are what's absolutely necessary for its sustainability in the age that we live.

Sherry is a passionate and informed historian of rock and roll and its connection to Shenandoah, Iowa and The Everly Brothers. She has supplied us with a wealth of guidance in how to sponsor events and promote various projects with the development of a plan to bring the Boyhood Home of The Everly Brothers to where we are today.

Sherry has worked with Fathom Events and the Metropolitan Opera since 2012. Her creativity and passion for Mozart is not only inspiring, but contagious. This past season, Sherry created a week long social media contest asking one question about Cosi fan tutte a day. The contest was not only a fantastic idea, but also a perfect way to target Mozart fans and ignite excitement for the Met Live in HD broadcast. Due to her passion, dedication and creativity, Fathom cannot wait to work with Sherry in the future and learn from her innovative ways.

To celebrate the release of Volume 9 of The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection, we thought we would take a closer look at one of the classic films included. Whom the Gods Love (1936) is the story of Mozart and his wife Constanze, set against a background of court intrigue and professional jealousy, with music conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham. We thought it might be nice to invite Mozart Preservationist Sherry Davis to write a little piece on the film, and how right we were.

Sherry works for me as an independent writer and researcher. When I give her direction, she grasps it quickly and the work she delivers is spot-on. She never misses a deadline. Sherry is as pleasant as she is professional.

Sherry is a terrific consultant and trainer. Her expertise on social media - benefits; how to's; and application is top notch. I love Sherry's approach which is not only professional but also hands-on and personalized.

After our meeting through Phil Grabsky's In Search of Mozart, Sherry organized a regional television program for Mozart Week where I was given the opportunity to speak directly to viewers about my ancestor. In her passion for the Mozart/Da Ponte operas, Sherry has promoted Le nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte and Don Giovanni in cinemas and works to save this precious musical history. Lorenzo Da Ponte's 21st Century American descendants would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Sherry who has done so much to keep alive a remarkable relationship cut so abruptly short by Mozart's untimely death.

Sherry has been instrumental in promoting The Everly Brothers Childhood Home in Shenandoah, IA. Her knowledge and research in music history has benefited our project as well as helping to advance the site as a tourism destination. Her assistance at our local festival and staging at the house certainly enhanced our main music event this year. We hope to continue to work with Ms. Davis to further develop The Everly Brothers Childhood Home displays and events. Her enthusiasm for music history is contagious.

Sherry is an incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable music historian offering us great resources and insight into our music heritage! 

You are a star, Sherry! You have found a way to keep the flame of Mozart's genius alive and vibrant, and a way for many of us in the worldwide Mozartean community to remain both connected and engaged. Brava, Sherry, brava! You are the curator of Mozartiana, a modern-day Schauspieldirektor of all things Mozartean, the head chef of cuisine called "Everyday Mozart," the preservationist of Mozartean lore, a meticulous revisionist who constantly strives to put the truth about Mozart and his accomplishments as epicentric in our daily discourse, and the bringer of essential relevance to our times of a genius who died tragically young over 220 years ago, before his work was done. You make Mozart essential, foundational, living. Thank you.

I read Sherry's review about my film. It was gratifying that she recognised precisely my intention that the fictional events during Mozart's visit (to Prague) influenced the writing of his masterpiece Don Giovanni, particularly as he always took a great interest in the libretto. 

I re-discovered Mozart after finding Sherry's Facebook page and have since then become completely obsessed with everything Mozart. I've so enjoyed her writings over the years. They are thoroughly enjoyable and engaging! I have so much to be thankful to Sherry for from her fantastic Mozart contests to her historical and interesting articles.

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