The Surf Speaks Research To Be Published In New Book

After being approached for an abstract by Dr. Sarah Baker, my twin sister Sheryl and I were notified on Wednesday that our research from The Surf Speaks: Voices of a Living History will be published in a new book, entitled Remembering Popular Music's Past: Heritage-History-Memory (2019).

The edited collection will be published by Anthem Press, a leading independent publisher of innovative academic research, educational material and reference works in established and emerging fields. Dr. Baker is collaborating with her colleague Dr. Lauren Istvandity on the project, both cultural sociologists at Griffith University, a renowned institution that ranks in the top 3 percent of universities globally.

The working title of our chapter is "Architectural Phenomenology of The Surf Ballroom's Winter Dance Party Legacy, Historic Preservation and Thematized Music Heritage Tourism."

We feel fortunate that our pioneering initiative has yielded so much, so quickly, in both real-world application and academia. I've written about our project outcomes in recent articles, including: "Riding The Surf: One Year After The Winter Dance Party" and "The Surf Speaks Published in Bandstand Diaries." We're looking forward to this next significant step in the life of our research!


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