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Events, Exhibits & Experiences

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Creative Communications

Potential Clients

  • Legacy artists, estates and foundations.

  • Travel and tourism organizations.

  • Local, state and national arts initiatives.

  • Community organizations and nonprofits.

  • Museums and related institutions.

  • Record labels with historic catalogs.

  • Historic performance spaces and other related sites and landmarks.

  • Contemporary artists performing music inspired by historical genres and artists.

  • Industry media and research publications.

  • Film and entertainment companies.

"...a fine asset to any organization..."

"Sherry has booked our Mozart film into over a hundred venues. While I think she would be outstanding in ANY field she chose to apply herself, she loves music and I believe she will be a fine asset to any organization she works for."

— Mitchell Block, Oscar and Academy Award-Winning Writer and Producer  


Are you interested in working with Sherry?

If you're seeking services to further music history and heritage in your community, business or organization, you're a potential client!

Whether you're new to preservation or a seasoned participant in the cause, Sherry welcomes all serious inquiries from those who share her passion, regardless of knowledge, experience and budget.

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