"...a fine asset to any organization..."

"Sherry has booked our Mozart film into over a hundred venues. While I think she would be outstanding in ANY field she chose to apply herself, she loves music and I believe she will be a fine asset to any organization she works for."

— Mitchell Block, Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning Writer and Producer  

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& Research

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Events, Exhibits & Experiences

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Communication Design

Sherry's strengths are her passion, knowledge, creativity and ideation for music history and heritage. 

If you're seeking services for your community, business or organization, inquire with Sherry about how she can help further your work.

Prospective Clients

  • Legacy artists, estates and foundations.

  • Travel and tourism professionals.

  • Government arts and culture initiatives.

  • Community organizations and nonprofits.

  • Museums and educational institutions.

  • Record labels with historical discography.

  • Theaters, concert halls, recording studios and other related sites and landmarks.

  • Artists performing vintage music or their own original music inspired by history.

  • Industry media and publications.

  • Film, TV and entertainment companies.

  • Festivals, concerts and events celebrating music history and heritage.

  • Fan groups and memberships.

  • Vinyl and physical media industry.